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Common Rules

Cheating and Exploiting in game glitches

Anyone found to be cheating or abusing in-game glitches will be punished accordingly this includes using 3rd party software. If you do find an in game glitch you are required to report it using a bug report in discord.

Toxicity, Hate Speech, Racism and Discrimination 

We have a strict stand against this type of behavior and anyone found to be acting in this way will be dealt with swiftly. We recommend all religious and political statements remain out of the city and discord to avoid problems. No abusive language (R word, C word and N word are completely NOT allowed). This rule applies in game and on our discord. 

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment of any kind is not allowed in city or in or discord and will be met with a permanent ban from the city. This includes but is not limited to, the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.  Sexual harassment includes a range of actions from verbal transgressions to sexual abuse or assault.  Harassment can occur in many different social settings such as the workplace, the home, school etc.  Harassers or victims may be of any gender. - THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED PERIOD. 

Ban Evasion

If for any reason you find yourself given a ban and are caught trying to come into the server you will then receive a permanent ban.

Rule Enforcement

The Server Staff (Admins, Server Moderators) reserve the right to judge incidents on a case-by-case basis and enforce Warnings, Suspensions, Kicks, Bans and un-whitelisting as they see fit to ensure that the rules of the server are up-held and the server is kept to a friendly standard to which the community can thrive.